Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Bohol : Firefly Kayaking tour

Bohol Firefly Kayak Tour

Night Kayaking Mangrove Firefly Watching Tour

Enjoy Brilliant Fireflies and Stars!

Firefly Kayaking Paddle into one of the last pristine mangrove rivers of Bohol and witness one of nature’s most amazing sights.

Who are your guides?

They are locals from the community beside the river and certified kayakers by the Singapore Canoe Federation.
They make sure that you are safe as you explore the mangrove river at night.

Meet your kayak guide!

He will give you a safety briefing, and a short kayaking orientation to make sure that you will have the most enjoyable, relaxing, fun time on the river while kayaking with the fireflies.

We will start our kayak trip right about sunset.
Witness the river change its colors, the river life at dusk and immerse in the calm and tranquil environment inside the mangrove forest.

Who can kayak?

The rest of the family can!
Don’t forget to bring the kids and grandma and grandpa too!
Couples? This is an amazing date on the river.
You can bring your friends too! ALL of your friends!

Information of Firefly Watching Tour

PreconditionAbove 3 years old
Required time for tour programPickup time: 5:30 pm – 6:00 pm Arrive at the Kayak station: Around 6:30 pm Kayak tour: 1 hour and a half to 2 hours Arrive at your hotel: 8:30 – 9:00 pm
Tour feePhp 1,950/ person (minimum of two persons)
:- Transport from hotel in Tagbilaran or Panglao to Kayak site and Back (Tagbilaran:20 min, Panglao: 40 min)
– Kayak Gear and Equipment rental with basic kayak lesson and orientation
Certified Kayak Guide
Entrance Fee

What to bring Extra dry clothes
Mosquito lotion or spray
Personal dry bags if you have (The guides can provide for you if there is available)
Precaution statement– Wear your most comfortable swim cloths (Wear rash guards if you have)- Expect your lower body to get wet- The guides will brief you one the weather condition of the day

Take note: High chances of rain are from June to August but the firefly is still visible as long as it is not a heavy down pour of stormy condition. Trips will be canceled during heavy rain and when there is storm signal in the province.

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Firefly Kayaking in Bohol 2023


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