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Bohol Countryside Tour B

Visit historical landmarks like the Blood Compact Shrine and Baclayon Church, meet the cute tarsiers, feast your eyes on the world-famous Chocolate Hills and relax with the Loboc River Cruise, and more! Includes free entrance fees and buffet lunch.


Blood Compact Shrine

The Blood Compact Shrine commemorates the first treaty of friendship between the white and brown races. Spanish conquistador Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and local chieftain Rajah Sikatuna sealed the treaty by drinking wine mixed with blood, thus it was called the "Blood Compact" or "Sandugo."

Baclayon Church

Built in the 16th century, shortly after the arrival of the Spaniards, Baclayon Church is one of the oldest stone churches in the Philippines. Religious relics and cultural artifacts can be seen in this historical landmark.

Albur Burmese Python

The Burmese python (Python bivittatus) is one of the five largest species of snakes in the world It is native to a large variation of tropic and subtropic areas.

Sipatan Bamboo Bridge

The Bamboo Hanging Bridge in Sevilla, which crosses the Sipatan River is a popular attraction visited by tourists. The town of Sevilla is some 36 km to the east ...


The tarsier is widely considered as the world's smallest primate and is also deemed as an endangered species. With its large eyes, the tarsier hunts small insects for food and climbs from tree to tree.

Loboc River Cruise and Floating Restaurant

Be mystified and captivated by the enchanting Loboc River Cruise. Take a ride on one of the floating restaurants and treat yourself to an afternoon of relaxation and enjoyment, along with a sumptuous lunch and traditional local music.

Butterfly Conservation Center

Home to hundreds of preserved and live butterflies, the Butterfly Conservation Center gives you a glimpse of the country's diverse butterfly and moth species. Here you will discover the different stages of a butterfly's development.

Bilar Man-made Forest

In Bilar town, you can find the famous Man-made Forest. As the name implies, the forest is man-made as its trees are planted by the locals.

Chocolate Hills

The world-famous Chocolate Hills is a must-see when visiting Bohol. Thousands of green and brown hillocks dot the landscape as far as the eyes can see, truly a natural wonder that can only be seen in Bohol.

Aproniana Gift Shop

What better way to cap off your Bohol vacation than to buy local souvenirs and delicacies to bring home to family and friends?

Itinerary: Everything listed above

  • Bohol 1 Day Countryside Tour w/ entrance Fees(8-9hrs)
  • Buffet lunch onboard Loay/Loboc River Cruise
  • Fully Air-conditioned Vehicle with driver and Fuel

Rates for Private Tour

Car (up to 4 pax)
1 paxP 3,400 / pax
2 paxP 2,200 / pax
3 pax P 1,800 / pax
4 paxP 1,600 / pax
Avanza or Innova (up to 6 pax)
5 paxP 1,600 / pax
6 paxP 1,500 / pax
Van (5-7 Pax Above)
7 pax (VAN)P 1,700 / pax
8 pax (VAN)P 1,600 / pax
9 pax (VAN)P 1,500 / pax
10 pax above (VAN)P 1,450 / pax

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