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Hot Air Balloon Rides Bohol Island Tour

Duration: around 45 minutes depending on wind conditions
Capacity: 7 to 8 passengers depending on body weight



  • A balloon flight will take around 45 minutes. If the wind is low it could be 1 hour long. If the wind is high it might be around 35 minutes. We fly directly in the Chocolate Hills! The direction of the wind also directly influences the duration of the flight.
  • It is very cheap for a hot air balloon flight! You should check how much you would pay for a balloon flight in your home country! That price is a real bargain! ​
  • We fly everyday in the afternoon. The meeting time is at 15:00 in Carmen town, your hot air balloon flight can be done after you visit the Chocolate Hills Complex for example. After your sunset flight, you will be back to Panglao in the evening.
  • ​We fly late afternoon because balloons need stable winds to operate effectively; the hours before sunset are the best for finding these winds. We can't fly before 4 PM because of thermal activity.
  • ​Since balloons move with the air, the weather is very important in deciding whether or not to fly. If the winds are too strong or if their is a risk of rain, the pilot will cancel the flight and you can either be rescheduled for a flight another day or fully reimbursed.​​
  • ​​Book your reservation 48 hours in advance so that we can check for availability and check the weather. ​​
  • You need to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You might have to walk from the take off or landing site so it is better to wear clothes and shoes that allows you to walk a distance. You might have to walk in tall grass, mud, water or rocks; flying is an adventure! We also recommend that you bring sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat. You can bring your camera as long as you have a suitable soft case in which to stow the camera during the landing phase of the flight. We will provide cold water during the flight​​​​

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hot air balloon rides in Chocolate hills


At Sky’s the limit Balloon ride Inc., safety is the number one priority!
Hot air ballooning is definitely one of the safest modes of flying. While you will hear about accidents, it may come as a surprise to learn that serious accidents are very rare. In fact, hot air balloon rides are safer than walking down the street or riding in a car. You’re more likely to lose your life from being struck by a large mammal (think cows and horses) than you are from riding in a hot air balloon.

How does that thing stay suspended?
Hot air balloons may seem to defy the laws of nature, but they actually work in a rather simple way. As you probably already know, hot air rises. So by heating the air inside the balloon (with a burner), the trapped air becomes lighter than the cooler air outside. And the balloon rises. Although this is a natural process, pilots have a great deal of control. They can monitor the altitude with various instruments, and a skilled pilot can usually control the balloon’s decent within centimeters.

Aviation laws
Hot Air Balloons are registered aircrafts and must abide by the same rules about flight, maintenance and safety standards just like a 747 passenger plane. Pilots must have Commercial Pilot License (CPL). Our balloon is registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and our pilot holds a Commercial Pilot License.

Safety measures on board the balloon
When you go hot air ballooning, you may be surprised to find many pieces of safety equipment in the basket. This should give you assurance and reinforce the fact that hot air ballooning is safe and operators take measures to ensure yours and the pilot’s safety. Usually, the pilot will have access to backup ignition, like a flint spark lighter, should the pilot light go off and the ignition fail. Also, our hot air balloon has dual fuel and burner systems. This means it will have two fuel tanks that are connected to two individual hoses, which separately feed two burners. This system is in place to ensure redundancy if one system fails. Even without a burner the balloon will only descend at about the same rate as a parachute. The hot air balloon also has a fire extinguisher should the fuel (propane) catch fire. In addition, you will find a rescue knife, first aid kit and a fire blanket in the hot air balloon. Like fixed wing aircraft Balloons must carry a large amount of excess fuel in case of an extended flight. Our balloon is brand new and was designed specifically for flights in the Philippines. We took a lot of measures to ensure everyone's safety.

What happens if a bird flies into a balloon?
Balloons are so large that most birds avoid them. The envelope fabric is much tougher than it might appear and a bird would likely bounce off if there was a collision! Balloon manufacturers have performed tests, and it is possible to fly a balloon even with a hole.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Jardin Necitas, Pilar Bohol || Glowing Garden

The Jardin Necitas - Pilar Glowing Garden

20,000 Glowing Flowers in Bohol

You can add The Jardin Necitas sites to our Countryside tour packages

Are you looking for a new travel destination to go to with your friends and family? Have you visited, Jardin Necitas, Pilar Glowing Garden in Pilar, Bohol? Well, you should definitely add this to your itinerary.

Jardin Necitas during at night, 20,000 blooms lights up

Can you imagine the sight of 20,000 flowers glowing at night? Isn’t it a sight to behold? At Jardin Necitas, there are LED roses and tulips. This place is perfect for anyone who’s into taking pictures and having it as a setup for prenups and events. Located on a hilltop in Barangay Bagumbayan, Jardin Necitas Pilar Glowing Garden has a colorful and romantic scenery.

The garden during day, the flowers are made out of plastics and steel

A perfect backdrop for lovers and families!

Made from thousand multicolored plastic roses and tulips that light up during nightfall, the stem is made out of a steel bar that the flowers stand on. The entrance is adorned with animals such as flamingos and swans, a perfect background for selfies. Jardin Necitas is also owned by Pilar Mayor Necitas Cubrado and her daughter Vanessa, who brought the artificial flowers to their hometown.

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How to visit Pilar garden

The glowing garden in Pilar Bohol

The Jarden Necitas

20,000 Tulips


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