Monday, February 11, 2019

Bohol Full Day Adventures

Not a soul in sight. Just a large pool of remarkably still, turquoise water. Stalactites hung dramatically, blissfully dripping water into the warm water below. A huge waterfall pouring into the pool was the soundtrack of the day.

We had entered our playground for the day. There was a raft we could use to paddle around the pool and a rope swing hanging from the tallest branch. Almost 12 feet deep, the pool was perfect for cliff jumping, even the waterfall could be climbed. We spent the first 2 hours non-stop exploring, jumping, swinging and just being huge kids as Jammy watched on probably wondering why we are so crazy. We did convince her to jump from a 20 footer so she was in on it too.

Two different streams flow down from about 70 feet into a shallow pool. The pool does deepen in some parts making it safe enough to jump in. My favorite part about twin falls is actually the view in the opposite direction of the falls. It looks like a jungle wonderland, with makeshift tree bridges, floating coconuts and a backdrop of coconut trees and a setting sun.

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