Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hanging Bamboo Bridge in Bohol

Bamboo Bridge - Sevilla, Bohol

One of the less attractive tourist destinations in Bohol in the Philippines is the Hanging Bridge. It is found in the upper area of Loboc River in Bohol. The Hanging Bridge is a foot bridge composed of bamboos and hardened steels which was initially used by locals to cross the river going to the Barangay on the other side of the main road. The Hanging Bridge hangs about 25 meters above the river.

Years ago, locals would normally pass the river by going down the cliff then ride a small banca to cross to the other side. Then later on the Bohol government decided to set a bamboo bridge for faster access on both sides of the river. When the tourism department of Bohol started to be aggressive on their programs, they invited a lot of Locals and Foreigners which made these people noticed the bridge when they pass the road going to the Floating Restaurant Area. They tried it themselves and were happy because for them it’s not ordinary. They were thrilled when they reached the middle and the wonderful view of the Loboc River was seen. When pictures flooded the internet, many of the visiting tourists decided to visit the place. The safety and security of the Hanging Bridge was compromised because more and more people go together all at once which made the government decide to add another bridge to be used as exit, while the old one as entrance.
Bamboo Bridge Bohol
Bamboo Bridge Bohol
Sipatan Bamboo Bridge
Sipatan Bamboo Bridge
Dolce Amore - Sipatan Bamboo Bridge
Dolce Amore - Sipatan Bamboo Bridge

The load limit of the footbridge is only 10 persons to pass at a time. They will prohibit any person to pass the Hanging Bridge if beyond the load limit. The entrance fee is P10.00 for those who don’t live in the Barangay on the other side. Bamboos, Coconuts, Mangroves and other kinds of big trees are visible in the area. On the Barangay side, locals are selling souvenir items such as ukulele, hats, fans, bags, shirts and many others.

The Hanging Bridge may not be a very good tourist spot as it is just ordinary for Boholanos but local tourists and foreigners alike find it worthy to experience crossing it.

The bridge spans around 40 meters and offers a great view of the emerald Sipatan River below. I have seen reference on other web sites that you can jump of the bridge into the cool waters below. I didn’t see this happening on my visit & would not recommend doing so.

On the far side of the bridge you will find a small shop, selling souvenirs and a welcome cold drink and snacks. Additionally you will find “The Buko King”. He can strip a coconut (buko) in something like 10 seconds using just his teeth.


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